As a therapist and facilitator, my intention is to meet you exactly as you are in a safe, supportive, impartial space and to share simple resources and techniques to support you to reconnect with your body, your health and to balance within and without. Welcome home. 

Our values are mutual respect and non judgement. In our sessions there is no imposition, we work together establishing your concerns and intentions.  A variety of techniques and practices are tailored to you providing a supportive hand with wisdom and experience to resource and facilitate resolution of any concerns you are encountering. The modalities I offer I continue to explore myself and have found them invaluable in navigating my own challenges from traumatic events, grief and loss through to pain and injury.   

Thaedra Frangos is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Senior Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor, registered Wayapa Wuurrk© (earth connection) instructor, mother and dancer.  Thaedra is inspired by lived experience and extensive explorations of the body, mind and soul through movement, dance, feeling, nature, yoga, somatic meditation, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, ongoing research, Indigenous healing wisdom and embodied mindfulness. Thaedra’s unique approach is to support clients with tailored skills and resources drawing on various modalities and to encourage health to shine through. 

Thaedra is known for her ability to hold a generous, safe, compassionate and impartial space for clients to feel and explore what is going on at a deep level resulting in greater access to health. Thaedra’s treatments encompass consideration of the whole person and invoke a feeling of being held, supported and listened to inspiring trust in the wisdom of the body and our innate healing power.

Prior to working in the healing arts, Thaedra developed skills in deep listening and holding space while working as a lawyer facilitating complaint resolution, policy, research and outreach for the Ombudsman, Privacy Commissioner, Aboriginal Affairs, and in policy and research. Thaedra has facilitated yoga in diverse settings since 2009 including teaching pre and post natal yoga and has been practicing as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist since 2016 and Wayapa Wuurkk® facilitator since 2018. Thaedra has a particular interest in working with pregnancy, birth, motherhood, babies and children in all aspects as well as exploring emotions and trauma and supporting clients to connect to their core and resource to their health and inner wisdom invoking healing.


2018 - Accredited Wayapa© Practitioner (Wayapa Wuurrk©, June, 2018)

2017 – Post Grad Working with Mothers, Babies and Children (Body Intelligence)

2017 – Post Grad Pain is Really Strange (Steve Haines, Body Intelligence)

2016 - Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist (Body Intelligence, 2 year Diploma)

2016 – Awakening the Body 10 week meditation course (Dharma Ocean)

2014 – Touching Enlightenment: Introduction to Meditating with the Body (Dharma Ocean)

2013 – Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga (Yoga Synergy, Sydney)

2011 – Chandra Krama (Moon Sequence) Certification (Matthew Sweeney – Yoga Temple)

2010 – Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training (Australian Yoga Academy)

1996 - BA/LLB (Deakin University)