Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy demonstration

In this video you will see a live demonstration of my work as a biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. 

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Geelong arts centre creative learning program contribution

I recently shared my personal story of connection with my Aboriginality and a guided sensory meditation via the Geelong arts centre creative learning platform. Access is free here

'Let's speak about Freedom' - Letters project with Resa Tela Films

"Let’s speak about freedom. The soft whisper of the wind, the depths of the ocean, the movement of the tide, the waves undulating, flowing. The rhythms of nature, the rhythms within us. A child calling with wondrous insight “have you seen the gold?” It is present in the sands, coated rock formations of gold sparkling in the glorious sun."

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Why yoga needs Wayapa

We all belong to the earth and we all benefit from remembering and revering our connection to it and in this way we heal the earth and heal ourselves. Practicing Wayapa supports us to feel our connection to ourselves, the earth and each other. I am astounded each time I facilitate Wayapa, and practice Wayapa, at the immediate connection that arises. People feel the energy moving through them and around them. They feel the connection with the earth, they feel the effects of the practice in the present moment.

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Let’s talk about hygiene

We are all across hand washing especially in covid 19, but what about our mental hygiene? Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a powerful therapy for optimal mental hygiene.

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The kindness pandemic tv

I’ll be facilitating a short movement sequence on the kindness pandemic tv today, check it out via their YouTube, Instagram and facebook

Finding safety in times of stress

Find safety - a guided meditation to support you to find balance in the nervous system. As a stress state restricts the body's immune response, reducing stress and finding balance, optimises your immune system.  Spread calm in times of Covid-19.

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20 minute check in

How are you today? What’s going on for you? Take the time to really feel and notice what’s happening for you and what you’re going through and notice how different you feel after this practice, you’ll have more clarity, grounding and relaxation influencing your whole day in a beautiful way including your interactions with others. Explore here.

Balancing and relaxing movement practice

Movement and relaxation practice for grief, sadness, loss, mobility, covid-19

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Bespoke resourcing sessions via video call in the time of Covid-19

Now could be the opportunity you have been waiting for, the time to focus on your health and wellbeing and that of the broader community. The time to ensure you are in a state of balance and fully resourced to support those who need you. Stress manifests with many forms and symptoms and is a natural part of life. Some stress is created and reinforced leading to states of panic and high anxiety. We are all concerned right now, we are acutely aware of everything rapidly changing and many of us are in shock. It’s important that we acknowledge and allow the feelings that we are experiencing, we can also use tools to regulate and to support us to be in a state where we can make informed choices and take action, rather than feeling like the world is falling in on top of us.

I offer resourcing sessions via video call (and in person for those who are not self-isolating), that are tailored to your needs and that give you skills and resources to use at any time you need them. I have a range of tried and tested tools to support you including meditation, visualization, yoga, movement, Wayapa Wuurrk (Indigenous Earth Mindfulness), craniosacral therapy and grounding techniques.

Get in touch here or book your bespoke session.