Gentle yoga group classes

Each Monday evening at the beautiful Thaedra yoga and somatic meditation studio in Torquay we come together to move, breathe, connect and feel in a gentle yoga class with mutual respect. The space is welcoming and warm, a place where you can come as you are and spend time without distraction from life's everyday demands. A space that is filled with good vibes, home made chai and no judgement.  This is not about being a pretzel or a board, this is about you coming as you are and meeting you in your body, in the moment, slowing down and feeling, gently moving, gently mobilising and noticing how things shift, change and equalise. This is a safe, welcoming space for you to be you, exactly as you are, welcome home.  Want to check it out? Enquire here and book here.

Wayapa Wuurrk® is for everyone

Today I had the privilege of sharing Wayapa Wuurrk® - earth meditation and movement based in Aboriginal wisdom in connecting to and caring for the earth - with a group of women attending a pampering day as part of the Pastoral Health Care Network.  Everyone was encouraged to participate at their own level, either seated, supine, standing, active, or simply listening.  We began with an earth meditation, connecting to a place in nature that resonated with each person and an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land, the Wadawurrung and elders past, present and emerging.  

The feedback was that attendees really felt the connection with nature and to the life within themselves, leading them to appreciate the elements that could otherwise be taken for granted.  The photos speak for themselves.  Enquire now if you would like to organise a workshop.


Tension, trauma, pain, embodiment and healing - biodynamic craniosacral therapy

"Biodynamic craniosacral therapy, felt sense yoga and somatic mediation all support the development of present time awareness of the body eg. body mindfulness, embodiment, sensing. This is not an idea of the body conjured by the rational mind, nor is it about perceiving ‘energy’ or ‘past lives’ or chakras but it is about actually experiencing the sensations of the body from the feeling of our bones and blood flow, to a sense of our organs, to the fluids and nerves, to the activity of the brain, knowing those sensations on an intricate level and through that, realising that the body is fluid, full of spaces and movement."

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