Tag: Somatic

Regulating the nervous system - reconnecting with spirit

In truth, my heart says that when we are speaking of the nervous system, we are really speaking of our spirit. our heart.  How connected are we to our heartbeat and the rhythms of our spirit dancing with the rhythm of country. How are we in this moment of truth, in our spirit? 

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Finding safety in times of stress

Find safety - a guided meditation to support you to find balance in the nervous system. As a stress state restricts the body's immune response, reducing stress and finding balance, optimises your immune system.  Spread calm in times of Covid-19.

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20 minute check in

How are you today? What’s going on for you? Take the time to really feel and notice what’s happening for you and what you’re going through and notice how different you feel after this practice, you’ll have more clarity, grounding and relaxation influencing your whole day in a beautiful way including your interactions with others. Explore here.

Balancing and relaxing movement practice

Movement and relaxation practice for grief, sadness, loss, mobility, covid-19

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