Finding safety in times of stress

Safety is a feeling we can access in our body at any time, anywhere. When we orient to safety, we are providing our brain with knowledge that we are not under immediate threat of life or death.  When you are in a state of overwhelm, fear, panic, flight (which many of us are heading into at the moment with the worry and exposure to rapid changes and the situation with Covid-19) - the physiological response is to diminish the function of the immune system Why, because all your resources are going towards fleeing or fighting an imminent threat (which is what your primal brain thinks is happening) and not to dealing with viruses and pathogens. Unless you are right now, in this very moment, in a life or death situation, you do not need to be in a panic state and you do have the ability to return to balance in your nervous system, to calm down and to enable optimal function of your immune system. Finding safety in your body, supports you to do that.  Access this free resource here. When you do, you will also be spreading calm in the community which is especially helpful now to enhance our immunity.

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A few months ago I was invited by the Pastoral health care network to facilitate at their monthly Virtual Pamper Day. In this video you will see a live demonstration of my work as a biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and at the end, some introductory information about Wayapa Wuurrk®️ Earth mindfulness. Book your biodynamic Craniosacral therapy session here.

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Ok so this is not a post about hand washing, we are all across that especially right now hey:) Of course, we are also all over our dental hygiene, basic hygiene etc- we have no arguments about its necessity. So what about mental hygiene? Here we have our brain that is constantly filtering, assessing, reasoning, responding, reacting, interacting and how often do we pay attention to it? I first heard the term ‘mental hygiene’ when listening to an interview by Krista Tippett with neuroscientist Richard Davidson on the brilliant On Being podcast. He says “we envision a time when we will recognize that our minds are just as important as our teeth and — I suspect there are no dentists in the audience — probably more important than our teeth. Doing simple mental exercise in the same way that we do physical exercise, I think, will be recognized as really an urgent public health need.” This is where biodynamic Craniosacral therapy comes in. It is a gentle therapy that empowers  mindfulness of the body enabling the mind to clear out and update its ‘files’. Its a premium way of attending to our mental hygiene and supporting our optimal health and wellbeing. Book your session here.

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