Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - What to expect

What is craniosacral therapy? It is a profound and gentle touch therapy working with the whole person. Your therapist is trauma aware, trained in anatomy and in working with the nervous system. Craniosacral therapy is therapeutic for a broad range of conditions and symptoms. The therapy has numerous benefits including improved energy and wellbeing. Craniosacral therapy is effective in reducing clients’ experience of pain and tension in the body regardless of the cause or diagnosis.

What is happening during the session? The session involves the experience of being present in your body, safely, with whatever is arising. You are supported to do this by the gentle contact of your skilled therapist and will be guided in this. You do not need to come in relaxed or to try and relax, stretch out or realign during the session. Rather, the therapy supports your body (being the bones, muscles, tissues, nerves, fluids and spaces) to reorganize and find its own alignment. Similar to a scratch healing, the body has its own methods that work effectively without our getting in our own way.

What do I wear? You will be lying fully clothed on a massage table, in some cases you will be side-lying or seated – your comfort is paramount. If you are pregnant, extra supports are provided so you are comfortable.

What if I am not comfortable during the session? Your feedback, consent and safety is paramount and feedback is always welcomed, please let your therapist know at any stage during the session if you are not comfortable or having any questions or feedback.

What can I expect after a session? It is recommended that you take some time after your session to rest and to hydrate and support the body and your brain to realign. You may find that you feel some irritability, some emotions arising, some tiredness or increased energy, this is simply the body processing and it is suggested to take a gentle stroll or a bath and to have an early night. The therapy is continuing around 48 hours after the session. If you feel spacey or overwhelmed, please advise your therapist and you are welcome to provide feedback or ask questions at any point in the session or following.

How many sessions do I need? For most clients, you will need a minimum of 2 sessions and for long term or acute situations, a series of 4-10 sessions is recommended at regular (weekly or fortnightly) intervals. In some cases your concern will be resolved in one session – this is often the case with babies and children who respond very quickly to the treatment. We will discuss what is needed after the initial session and reassess with each session.

Regular maintenance sessions are recommended to support your health and as a regular check in and support. Once a month is a great support for your optimal health.

Can I do other therapies and exercise with craniosacral therapy? It is recommended that if you are receiving body work such as osteopathy, chiropractic, bowen or any manipulative therapy that you pace those sessions at least 3 days before or after your craniosacral session. Gentle massage and acupuncture is ok within a shorter time frame. Gentle movement or exercise that you do regularly only is suggested in the first 24 hours of your treatment to allow the treatment to unfold. While your body is realigning it may be more vulnerable to strain.

What if I am taking medication? Please advise your therapist if you are taking medication and supplements – they may impact your experience of the treatment and how your body responds during and after treatment. For example, pain relief may impact on how much you can feel during a session although it will generally not impact the ultimate effectiveness of the session.

Are there contraindications? There are very few contraindications for craniosacral therapy as it is working with you and your body in a very gentle way. However, craniosacral therapy does increase your awareness of your body and physical sensations and invoke changes on an holistic level so it is important to allow time and space for changes to occur and integrate. If you are unsure, please contact us to chat about any concerns. Always notify your practitioner of any health conditions you are experiencing.