Creative Facilitation, Consulting and Workshops

As a facilitator for organisations, corporates, groups, university faculties and leaders, I support participants to connect with themselves, each other, and nature through bespoke, embodied mindfulness and creative movement workshops. Participants experience greater self awareness, relaxation and wellbeing, improved rapport, team building and relationships and increased ability to think and feel more creatively. I also utilise skills honed as a lawyer and in policy and research including impartial deep listening, articulating concerns and facilitating the resolution of conflict. 

"Listening is really important, but it's also a gift to understand what your needs are and to disseminate the insights from this understanding - that is a gift". (Participant 2024)

Let's explore enabling the unconscious to emerge into consciousness. Awareness is the first step in creative action and change. 

We are so often taught to be in our analytical and thinking brain, dissociated and disconnected from what is really going on in the present moment. Being present requires connection with the internal, felt and sensory experience of the body.  We explore and embed these skills using accessible practices tailored to your group and/or individual needs. This improves connection in the workplace and self awareness and increased psychological and cultural safety. 

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