"I have been a yoga student and craniosacral therapy client of Thaedra’s for a period of years. I’m a 78-year-old man, and have some of the debilities and limitations that go with my age. Thaedra treats me with patience and respect and works with me at my level. She does not pigeonhole or stereotype me, and every session feels like an exploration and new adventure for both of us. She is competent and professional, but also kind and patient. Nothing is routine with Thaedra. She is constantly evaluating my reactions and modifying what we’re doing to suit my current situation and my level of health and fitness on that day. Cranio is an abstraction that may make people suspicious. I can only say that in Thaedra’s hands I find it very beneficial to both my physical wellbeing and my energy level. Her inclusion of some Aboriginal wellbeing practices adds another dimension to her work. I recommend her without reservation to anyone of any age and any level of physical capability." Client, Torquay, 2019

"Thaedra, you have made such a difference to how I was feeling, physically, mentally and emotionally. It's like the difference between day and night. The pressure in/on my head, behind my eyes and through my body has released and given me such relief and I'm not putting pressure on myself like I was. It's all connected! Thankyou!" B, Torquay 2021

"Thaedra’s wide knowledge of healing practices are beautiful, gentle, unique, amazing and most importantly work. I have been lucky enough to experience her craniosacral work, a Wayapa session and also a sound healing she organised with Uncle Bunna, traditional custodian of the Great Australian Bight. All of which were truly special and fabulous experiences that allowed me to sink into my parasympathetic nervous system, relax, heal and make that mind body connection that is so hard to find when in a state of unrest and imbalance. Thaedra is kind, understanding and a beautiful practitioner in and out. Thank you for sharing the healing Thaedra." E, Torquay, 2019

"Hi Thaedra
Loving your Yoga classes. Was supposed to go somewhere else yesterday and forgot because I was so looking forward to your class. Can feel my body getting stronger."
J, 2019

"Thank you so much for such a magical ceremony yesterday. You were so powerful and enchanting. Made me feel so blessed and deeply connected to this place. You are amazing." (Wayapa Wuurrk participant, Sunbear Festival 2018)