wayapa wuurrk® earth mindfulness, meditation and movement

Thaedra is a First Nations (Dhudhuroa and Wamba Wemba) accredited Wayapa facilitator.  She tailors workshops, course and classes for individuals, groups, schools, universities, corporates, community, festivals in person and online. Contact Thaedra for a detailed quote tailored to your needs. 

Participants say....

"Thank you so much for such a magical ceremony yesterday. You were so powerful and enchanting. Made me feel so blessed and deeply connected to this place."

"Feeling energetic and light now." 

"Wow thanks Thaedra, I loved that! I would love to do that again!"

"Thank you, was really lovely and really needed that grounding. Was taken to one of my favourite places."

"Thank you, such a calming practice and way of connecting movement and Country."

"What a stunning wayapa wuurrk 'connection to country' indigenous earth connection and mindfulness workshop with beautiful Thaedra we had the honour of sharing in today. A magical sharing of deep knowledge through movement and mindfulness" (Little Groms Early Learning Centre, Torquay 2019)

"Thank you for the invitation to try this beautiful practice. Magical."

"Thank you so much for sharing Thaedra, I loved the journey of connection through story and flow". (Port Fairy Winter Weekends workshop attendees)

What is Wayapa?

Wayapa Wuurrk means ‘connect country’ and is an earth mindfulness, narrative meditation and movement practice founded in Aboriginal wisdom in caring for and connecting to country.  Wayapa was created by Jamie Marloo Thomas (Gunditjmara and Gunnai) and Sara Jones. Wayapa is the only known Indigenous healing modality that is registered with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.  Wayapa is a unique combination of story telling, slow, fluid, meditative movement, stillness and connection with nature in a repeatable format invoking connection with 14 elements in nature with movements that can be practiced to the individuals level and ability or as a visualisation. You can watch a video about the origins of Wayapa here

Wayapa is a simple practice that is accessible to all and provides an ongoing resource for wellbeing and self-regulation. Wayapa is for everyone, Indigenous and non-Indigenous and promotes reconnection with the earth as a starting point for wellness and healing based on the understanding that Aboriginal people lived in wellness and harmony with the earth for more than 65,000 years.  We all belong to the earth and we all benefit from remembering and revering our connection to it. In this way, we heal the earth and heal ourselves.

While Wayapa Wuurrk provides a repeatable practice, its underlying foundation and principles also embed and influence our actions outside of this ritual, inspiring us to make daily choices that improve the health of the planet, ourselves and each other. Wayapa is a vehicle for reconciliation as its foundation offers the added benefit of education, facilitating awareness of the profound wisdom of our first peoples and the awareness, transformation and healing available through connection to the land for all.