covid-19 policy

Everybody is welcome here.

If you are unwell with symptoms that may be contagious, please contact me on 0411229536 to reschedule.

Distance sessions can be accommodated by phone or video call where necessary. 

FYI - The clinic is located at the rear of the property, with a separate entrance and isolated from the main building. It is only entered into by myself and clients.  

In line with the Government's policy on Covid-19, hygiene standards include:

- All linens are washed hygienically and changed for each client. 

- Hand sanitiser on entry, there is a bathroom to wash hands. 

- Regular hand washing and cleaning of surfaces.

- The clinic is entered into only by clients and myself.

- Request, acknowledgement and trust that clients with any symptoms related to Covid-19; those who have been in close contact with someone with symptoms of Covid-19 will not attend the clinic until such time that they are outside of the contagious period. 

- Face masks in accordance with your preference, lawful rights and exemptions. 

 Distance sessions can be accommodated by phone or video call where necessary.

Please speak to me in confidence if you have any queries or concerns.